The main areas of application of ERM, working on low-boiling working fluids are:

  1. Comfortable and technological air conditioning systems, and in some cases, refrigeration system operating at moderately low temperatures.
  2. Factories and plants of chemical, metallurgical, foundry, food and processing industries requiring refrigeration machines small and medium capacity for technological processes and air conditioning.
  3. Decentralized trigeneration systems for the combined production of electricity, heat and cold, and created on the basis of internal combustion engines and microturbines installations with a single electric power up to 300...500 kW.
  4. Charge air cooling systems of internal combustion engines and gas turbines.
  5. Systems for cooling of gas transported in a gas-main pipelines.
  6. Refrigeration systems, designed to create a comfortable environment in the cabins of trucks, combines, excavators and tractors, as well as in the salons of long-distance buses..
  7. Cascade and combine compressor/ejector adn absorbtion/ejector refrigeration systems.